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Week's Reflection

Looking back at the week I recall seeing a few signs my loved one was near. They made me smile and sad for a while, but I knew that they were near. I could call on them to see me through my day's journey, to keep me safe and comforted which allowed me to have a good day when things looked like they were going to fail.

Reflection is an important part of your journey as it allows you to see how far you've come or where you would like to go. Maybe you felt you needed to stay where you were for the week to help you be more motivated for the next. Whatever is best for you, reflect to assist you for the next. Remember you're stronger than you believe and are able to move forward with the help of those who are there for you. Seek out someone who understands where you are, and they will also help you through your journey. ~~ Cammie

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