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What Happened To Kindness

Where do I begin? First lets identify what kindness is and its ability to make a difference. In today's definition I find kindness to be an act that requires recognition. That is not an act of kindness in its genuine act. Kindness is an act without looking for recognition, an appreciation or gratefulness, a shared hope that your kindness carries with the receiver all day as it may be there only positive within there day. Kindness is not about recognition or receiving kudos, its giving without the expectation or receiving; being kind to others comes back to you in unexpected ways and when you least expect it.

My knitting circle friends are very dear and close to my heart. They are my fami!y and know kindness beyond what you can imagine. For whatever I have done in my acts of kindness, having them is a great reward. Be kind to others in a world that unkind; blessings and rewards will follow. Share your kindness in without expectations or recognitions, just be kind! ~~Blessings Tammie


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