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When Angels Appear

Angels appear to provide us comfort, guidance, protection. I was inspired to write about how our angels are always near when I saw this photograph, taken by Wendy Ann Michalski. When I saw this photo, it just spoke to me and knew that this was a message, a thought, to share with you all, that even though our loved ones have passed, they are always there to provide us the comfort we need. Although we may not always see them, let this picture give you the comfort of knowing they are always nearby. This photo speaks that as the sun sets, and the night calms, the angels' wings are a blanket that protect us while we sleep. Sleep well and feel the warmth of your loved ones arms around you through the wings of the angel.

Thank you, Wendy Ann Michalski, for capturing this photo and giving me permission to share!

Many Blessings ~~ Cammie

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