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Why Am I Still Grieving

We often forget that grief does not really go away. When we lose someone it sits with us because we miss them, we hear a song that reminds us of them, or we want to tell them something they might find interesting only to realize they are no longer with us. However, we can still share those memories by talking to them in our mind or writing them a letter to let them know about our day. We do what we can to bring us comfort. This is a difficult time for most who grieve as the holidays near and we recall memories of the past, see others who still have their loved ones physically with them; it can keep us grieving. It's okay to have your moment, but turn that moment into recalling joyful memories, write that letter and tell them about your day; feel their spiritual presence. It's okay to still grieve the loss, but its also okay to move forward. ~~Blessings, Cammie

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