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Winter Activities

The wintertime brings about mixed feelings; some people completely love it while others despise it and then you have those who enjoy with certain conditions. Winter can be a time to complete indoor projects, reflection for upcoming months. However, winter can also bring about feelings of isolation and loneliness. Winter activities can be challenging for those that do not particularly care for winter, but it is a good time to join a reading challenge or join an on-line book club. With technology you can get together with friends and family and feel present with them; there are many ways to connect with others to avoid feelings of loneliness. Whether you're an outdoor person or an indoor person there are many wintertime activities that you can engage in and avoid the feelings of loneliness. I'm going to share a website with you for those who enjoy reading that you can find wonderful book reviews and maybe one that will resonate with you; reading allows you to not feel alone and provides a great adventure. ~~Blessings, Cammie

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