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You're The Gift

Sometimes we deny an invitation to a party because we may not have the means to bring a gift, or we ran out of time or not know what to get someone. Sometimes material gifts are not the actual gift that is meaningful. If you think about it, you were invited for a reason; because you were chosen to be part of the celebration simply because you are meaningful to the person, the family, the occasion. In the reflection of a celebration the memory is your presence, people seldom recall what it is you brought them; they may remember the words on the card with your signature. If you think about the times that you were celebrated, what is it that you remember most? Reflect today on who you are and how your presence is meaningful. You are the gift, the special present that will be treasured and remembered. You, you are the meaningful memory and there is no price tag that can be placed on that. Have a great day today, smile and know just how special you are. ~~ Blessings, Cammie

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